Judging Panel

An independent panel of recognised and expert judges, drawn from academia, business and broader related sectors will determine the winners of the Pharma Industry Awards UK

We understand the importance of a fair and objective judging process. That's why we assemble a prestigious panel of industry leaders, renowned for their extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise in the pharma industry.

Our selection process is meticulous. Judges are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and declare any potential conflicts of interest. Entries with conflicts are reassigned, ensuring complete impartiality.

A comprehensive judging process has been developed to decide the winners of the Pharma Industry Awards UK.

This unwavering commitment to integrity is the foundation of our awards programme. Become a part of recognising industry excellence. If you're interested in joining the judging panel, email your details to judges@businessriver.com .

2024 Judging Panel

Raid Alany (Judging Coordinator)

Chair in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Drug Delivery, Kingston University London

Raid holds a PhD in ocular drug delivery from the University of Otago, New Zealand. He joined Kingston University London as Chair in Pharmaceutics (2011). He is Honorary Professor / University of Auckland, New Zealand; Editor-in-Chief of Pharmaceutical Development & Technology (Taylor & Francis) VIEW MORE

Laszlo Fabian

Lecturer, University of East Anglia

Laszlo's research focuses on the design and selection of solid forms for pharmaceuticals, combining experimental characterisation and data mining/machine learning. His teaching mainly covers areas of Pharmaceutics. VIEW MORE

Marie Jones

Associate Professor, University of Birmingham

Marie currently is Associate Professor in Pharmaceutics and Nanotherapeutics at the University of Birmingham (UK). Her research focused on the development and assessment of organic nanomaterials for drug delivery. VIEW MORE

Thomas Tobin

Sales Director, Micro-Bio Ireland Ltd

Tom Tobin, an experienced company director at Micro-Bio, possesses a strong educational background in business administration along with an extensive knowledge in the chemical manufacturing sector. VIEW MORE